In a nutshell, no. But traditionally barbers used shears with a bevel edge as this edge is used for rapid cutting and lots of shear over comb work.

Currently, barbering has left its traditional tooling choices and has gone down a route more akin to hairdressing. Now both hairdressers and barbers are using tools that texture, slice and detail.

This is a question of predominant usage.

If everything was the same on every pair of shears and all we had to choose from was which length we required, we’d probably look at what we use it for most. If you do a lot of shear over comb work, a longer scissor can be useful to keep the cut even.

For detailing, a smaller tool is easier to manoeuvre and can be less wieldy when using close to the skin and face. Choose what is comfortable and safe for the task.

It can be really easy to get bogged down in the technical details when all you really want to do is cut hair, right?

All of our Foundation Range are made from 440c which is a mid-range steel from Japanese Origin. It’s a perfect steel for this range as it holds an edge well and can be serviced easily.

Our Master Range are all made from cold forged VG10 which is a high end steel with long lasting qualities. It has a very high cobalt content which means it can be sharpened to a convex edge which lower grade steels cannot.

Each type of steel we use suits each different shears technical specification. Be safe in the knowledge that we have used the best quality materials to give your shears maximum durability.

It’s all a question of comfort. Lots of stylists use an offset handle because it allows for an easier grip. An offset handle can also benefit a smaller hand.


Although our range is mainly right handed, we have a selection for leftys that will cater for most needs.

We will send a tracking via an email and you can track your order using the link provided. We will also send you a notification that will tell you where your order is at every step of the way.

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